This is us.

At least, this is the permanent, full-time employee version of us. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we might take on a specific craftsman or artist from our network of proven creatives that can help best elaborate your vision. If you want to make a project with us, you'll definitely see one of these faces. Or all of them. Lucky you. 



Owner and Creative Director 

After working in the industry for over a decade, Carlos founded Cafeteria Films in 2010 as an excuse to buy cameras and ignore his day job. Surprisingly, people wanted to pay money for these videos and he got to quit that day job a few months after and buy even better cameras.




Off-Broadway steampunk revivalist and Mexican beer enthusiast, Nelson was the second-ever member of Cafeteria Films and still our wild, creative beating heart. Don't tell him that comic books are a lower form of literature.



Head of Production

Professional photographer and resident bad cop, Debi gets things done. She joined Cafeteria Films in 2013 and likes staying within budget almost as much as she likes snacking.



Head of Post Production 

After winning a Suncoast Regional Emmy in 2012, Brian decided it was time to stop horsing around and work for Cafeteria Films. He writes and directs when he's not finding efficiencies in our post-production workflow. He's glad to report that horseplay is now kept to a minimum.